The Practice Membership Plan

Who is our Practice Membership Plan for?

You! If you want to safeguard your smile and ensure long term oral health you need a preventative programme. Research has shown that members of the population who attend their Dentist and Hygienist regularly have healthier teeth and gums and require less dental treatment than those who do not attend regularly.

It’s simple, don’t let your oral health fall into a poor state and you could avoid having to pay for treatments (including crowns, fillings, etc). Having the regular check-ups included in this plan could prevent problems. Spreading the cost by monthly direct debit makes this plan the simplest way to pay for your preventative oral health programme.

As an additional benefit, the Worldwide dental emergency assistance scheme has been set up to offer discretionary support and assistance to Dental Plan patients who request treatment following trauma and/or dental emergency or diagnosis of oral cancer.

What are the Benefits?

You are guaranteed a complete and comprehensive package delivering maintenance and prevention with plan benefits as follows:

Two comprehensive dental health checks each year, including oral cancer screening.

Two dental hygienist appointments per year for thorough routine cleaning of your teeth and gums.

All in practice x-rays required for diagnosis and screening.

Any de-sensitising agent applications necessary to control sensitivity.

All advice on how to ensure your gums and teeth remain healthy between your appointments.

Access to the Wordwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme.

10% off treatment from our standard fee scale for all members of our Practice Plan.

Must I Have Good Dental Health to Join?

We do not assess the current condition of your dental health as a prerequisite of joining and you will not have to undergo any expensive treatment programmes to gain membership.

How Can I join?

All you have to do is complete a registration form and direct debit mandate. In addition to your first monthly payment, a one-off set-up fee of £9.50 will be charged and will be included in your first direct debit payment. The set-up fee is only £9.50 even if you join as a family under one direct debit.

Membership Fees

One-off joining fee     £9.50

Practice Plan             £16.52 per month

We offer patients who require or request extra hygienist appointments the option of increased monthly payments to your direct debit to facilitate 3 monthly or 4 monthly visits.

Dental Health Plus Membership : £19.47 (for patients who come to the hygienist every 4 months)
Dental Health Enhanced Membership: £22.42 (for patients who come to the hygienist every 3 months)